4 ways to get better at golf

Golf is fun, when you hit that perfect shot and see your ball drop into the hole you can’t help but smile inside. It’s frustrating too. For every brilliant shot you pull off they’ll be double the amount of ‘duds’ that leave you wondering why you bother with the sport in the first place. Stick with it though, you will get better in time, especially if you try some of these ideas.

Boost fitness levels

Improve your fitness levels, it’ll help to build up core strength, make you more flexible out on the course and your balance will be better as well. Long courses won’t be as arduous, you won’t tire as easily and you’ll feel mentally stronger as well as physically fitter. Change your diet if needs be and start a new training programme that’s designed to help you get the most out of your time on the course.

Book private lessons

Spend time with the golf pro at your favourite club and work through the problems in your game. Tutors help to improve your game, they’ll devise an action plan designed to strengthen weak areas and you can ask them anything you like. Take on board everything they say, they’re trying to help, be prepared for constructive criticism and learn by your past mistakes.

Practice what you learn

Having had a golf lesson put the advice to the test and get out on the course. There’s no better time to work on your swing than straight after a private lesson. The more you practice the better your game becomes, especially when you supplement playing time with private lessons too. So use the practice facilities and put the skills you have learnt to the test, focus on the weaker parts of your game.


Golf is a physical sport but there’s also the mental element to the game that you need to overcome. How many times have you played a shot in your mind, thought about it for too long then made a right hash of the strike when you hit the ball? There are various techniques you can use to improve your focus and strengthen your mental game. Stay sharp, clear the clutter from your mind before you take a shot, focus and imagine the ball is going exactly where you want it to. Work on your mental game and you’ll soon be swinging like a pro!

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