5 easy ways to warm up for golf

Spend time at one of our stunning establishments in South Africa and you’ll discover a dream venue where you can unwind, enjoy spectacular wildlife, savour the fine dining on offer and of course, play a few rounds of golf and try to improve your handicap.

Be careful to warm up though, even in such a relaxed setting it’s easy to pull a muscle or strain your body by failing to warm up properly. Simple exercises are the best, spend a few minutes trying these ideas and you’ll be ready for action in the blink of an eye.


Gently lower into a crouched seating position before gently lifting up again. Perform this exercise a few times for a minute or so, your heart will start pumping and it’ll give your legs a mini workout.

Leg swings

Lean on your club, swing one leg backwards and forwards then repeat with the other leg. Your joints should work loose and the leg muscles should feel a little looser as well.

Knee cross

Hold the club out in front of you with both hands and make sure it’s parallel to the ground. Raise one knee across your body to the opposite elbow, return to the starting position and do the same with the other knee. Repeat this exercise for a minute or so, it’s really good for core muscles.

Shoulder exercise

Place the club behind your shoulders with one hand on either end. Twist one way then another and repeat for 60 seconds, you’ll warm up the shoulder region and feel nice and relaxed afterwards.

Core exercise

Use the club behind your back, loop your arms around it and move position by twisting one way then another using one leg at a time for support. Mimic the movement of the body during a golf swing, it’ll set your heartbeat racing and prepare you properly for a few hours out on the course.

Warming up prior to a game of golf is the best way to put yourself in a winning position at Kruger Lodge, Pearl Valley or Pinnacle Point golf lodge.

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