Archaeological Site at Pinnacle Point

Archaeological sites at Mossel Bay’s Pinnacle Point Golf and Beach Spa Hotel has recently been declared a Provincial Heritage site.  These sites are evidence of modern human behavior including the first use of fire for heat, the earliest use of pigments, small blades as spears and harvesting of shell fish.

This recent discovery is unique because it is evidence of human occupation of a period of about 170,000 years ago.  These sites are already attracting a large number of scientists and students.  Arranged tours will be available to the public in due course.

These findings within Pinnacle Point can be ranked alongside the ‘Cradle of Humankind, Olduvai Gorge and the likes.

Selected individuals are currently laying down the groundwork to making this Resorts heritage sites ‘World’ heritage sites which is something that we can all be very proud of.

Coastline near the pinnacle point heritage site

View towards the caves at pinnacle point beach & golf resort that have been declared a provincial heritage site


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