Basic Tips for Improving Your Golf Swing

There is no single leading factor that will exponentially improve your golf swing. However, teachers of the game recommend that those with a desire to improve their swing should learn and home the basics. Any professional or teacher will tell you that sometimes it’s the slight adjustments that can make all the difference.

The Setup

The key to any good setup is balance. Before swinging the club players should ensure their weight is evenly distributed. Take some time to get comfortable in both left-right and front-back. One routine that’s effective is the following:

Push the hips backwards to set a good posture.

Your spine should be angled towards the ball, as should the left hand side of your face.

Gently flex your knees to improve stability and make sure that your right side is lower than the left.

The Swing

When swinging the club the process should be the same every time. Prior to swinging the club you should keep your right hand close to the right side. If this isn’t completed you’ll end up forcing your back to straighten out throughout the first stage of the swing.

As you swing your hands should be parallel to your right leg. You should shift your weight to the right and as your club naturally reaches the ground so it’s level with the target line. This will allow you to swing the club on the right arc and effectively strike the ball.

The Top of the Swing

As you reach the top of your swing your wrists should be hinged when the club is halfway back. As you turn your shoulders and hips you should keep your left arm fully straightened, but not rigid.

The Ball Strike

At the moment that you strike the ball, there are a number of conditions that should be met for the optimal swing.

Your hips should rotate steadily.

Your chest faces the ball, and remains constant.

Don’t let your hips pull your shoulders.

Your head should remain in front of the golf ball.

Your left side is straightened out, and your right side moves towards the ball.

Your hands should be relaxed, with the right hand bent and the left one straight.

The arc of your swing is completed fully once the ball has been struck.

Any ardent golfer will want to improve their game. By following these basic tips you’ll be able to improve the way you swing the club and ultimately your game.

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