Pearl Valley Hotel Unit 504

The recently completed Pearl Valley Hotel was opened in June 2017. The hotel consist of a number of 1 and 2 bedroomed luxury suites that are arranged in two storey apartment blocks. Unit 504 does not form part of the rental pool units and thus this 2 bedroomed unit can be booked privately though Golf Safari SA.

The unit is situated on the upper floor and has magnificent views of the Cape mountains as well as the driving range. There are two covered patios on which guests can enjoy the tranquil beauty of the Winelands in the Western Cape.

The main bedroom has a king size bed with an en-suite bathroom that has both bath and shower and a twin basin. The second bedroom has two single beds and also its own bathroom with a shower and basin.

The living area has a dining table to seat for people and a spacious lounge with a comfortable sofa and an LED TV. A kitchenette is equipped with all the necessary appliances such as fridge, oven/hob, microwave, kettle and toaster.

pearl valley hotel front view

Front view of unit 504 at Pearl Valley Hotel

Golf Safari SA looks forward to welcoming you to their prestigious and upmarket self catering two bedroomed hotel suite at Pearl Valley. Bookings can be made by sending and email to or

Pearl Valley Hotel

Dining area and lounge of unit 504 Pearl Valley Hotel

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What to consider before booking your golf holiday


A golf break is a perfect way to embrace the sport you love as well as experience some of the most stunning and desirable golf courses that the world has to offer. But before you think about booking your golf holiday, there are a few things for you to consider…

The type of holiday you want

First things first, what kind of golf break are you looking for? There are vast differences between family holidays, romantic getaways and corporate breaks, and it’s better not to get these mixed up.

Luckily for you, our luxurious range of golf accommodation across South Africa offer chalets and villas suitable for a wide range of occasions. Each of our self-catered golf accommodation options are found in some of South Africa’s most exclusive resorts and provide more than just a fantastic place to play golf.

Who you are going with

Next up – who will go with? We’ve already said that there can be a huge difference in a holiday where you’re accompanied by your work colleagues than one where you’re with your loved one or the entire family.

If you’re looking at booking a golf holiday, we’re sure that golf will be a priority for you; it’s a chance to get away from your local golf club and experience something spectacular, whether that’s abroad for you or just an extraordinary resort.

Although, we also know that even the keenest of golfers, or their friends and families, don’t want to partake in the game at every waking hour of the day. By choosing the appropriate golf break accommodation, you should be promised more than just premium golf greens. There should be something else for you and your party to enjoy in or around the resort.

For example, our chalets and villas are located near the Kruger National Park in Mpumalanga, in the Winelands near Cape Town, and another in the Garden Route of Western Cape; renowned places that host an abundance of enjoyable activity and stunning sights to be enjoyed by any kind of party.

The ideal location for you

This is where research is key. You want to choose wisely so that your golf breaks suits the above points: what you’re going for and who you’re going with. By doing thorough research, you can ensure that the resort or accommodation you choose is suited to you and your requirements.

Don’t just run off pictures that you’ve seen in a magazine, holiday brochure or online – you need to do a bit more than that to really get the golf holiday of your dreams. Dig deeper than the images the resorts use; read all the information and reviews you can about them; why not get in touch with an expert or someone that’s been there before?

Every resort can offer you and your party something a little different – it’s just figuring out what suits you best. For example, our Kruger Park Lodge is perfect for wildlife lovers; only 10km from the nearest entrance gate of Kruger National Park and its very own hippo hide. Our Pinnacle Point accommodation is the ideal choice for a relaxing getaway, with picturesque coastal views as well as a luxury spa facility to enjoy.

When to book

When it comes to golf, you want to play in the best conditions to get your game quality as high as possible. That’s why you want to do some research into when you want to book your golf break for, particularly if you’re heading abroad for the occasion.

One of the many reasons that South Africa is a popular choice for golf enthusiasts is its climate. Considered to be the ideal climate for play throughout the year, golfers can avoid the extremities of weather that so many other countries see.

Down to the popularity of golf resorts in certain countries and in certain seasons, you may find that your ideal location is fully booked up by the time you get round to booking. One way to get around that dilemma is to book early!

Get fit for it

A good way to make the most of your planned golf holiday is to get fit for it – that way, you can enjoy the sport to the max. Being fit is essential for playing a good game of golf; by improving your fitness, you’ll see an improvement in your game skills too.

Golf requires effort from muscles all over your body, so the all-encompassing exercises you want to look at doing are ones that will increase your strength and improve your flexibility, focusing predominantly on the movement of your hips, back and shoulders.

A good mixture of cardio, weight and flexibility training should do the trick to get your stamina up for those long days of golf, as well as to get that swing perfected.

Now all of those are out of the way, you’ve only got the packing left to think about…

Get in touch

If you would like to hear more about our luxury golf accommodations in South Africa, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – one of our friendly consultants will be more than happy to help.

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Diaz Festival 2016

The annual Diaz Festival will be held from 3 February 2016 to 7 February 2016. The festival is held in Mossel Bay, more specifically around the Bartolomeu Dias Museum. Patrons can look forward to performances of top South African singers as well as local bands. Folk dancing, flag jumps and a motor sport gymkhana also will be hosted.

Artists that will be performing include: Emo Adams, Ray Dylan, Blackbyrd, Manie Jackson, Dr Victor, Hemelbesem, Lianie May, Michael Lindt and Lloyd Cele.


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Pinnacle Point Caves

The Pinnacle Point Caves which are situated within the Pinnacle Point Golf Estate are destined to become a World Heritage Site. Application to UNESCO has been made for the Pinnacle Point cave complex to become a world heritage site. As part of this application, a buffer zone has been declared. The exiting development rights are not affected, but any new developments must make an application to Heritage Western Cape.

The Pinnacle Point Caves are situated close to the golf club house. Some remarkable discoveries have been made in these caves which date back 162 000 years: the human consumption of shellfish, the use of ochre for decorative purposes and the use of heat treatment for the manufacturing of weapons and other tools.

pinnacle point caves

Pinnacle Point Caves in the Cliffs below the magnificent golf course

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Genuine (And Weird) Golfing Injuries

Golf is a great sport if you want to stay fit and take part in a fun activity throughout the year. Unfortunately, this can also be an injury prone sport without the right level of care and attention, play on a regular basis and injury prevention should be foremost in your mind.

Injuries can happen due to bizarre accidents, moments of madness from players, or simply through not warming up properly prior to a game. Continue reading

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The Wackiest World Golfing Records

Play any sports and it’s nice to break a record if you can. Whether it’s the most goals scored during a soccer match, or the heaviest carp fish caught under competition conditions, if you are passionate about individual sports, you’ll want to beat your fellow competitors.

Golf is no difference. Spend time at any of our premier resorts and not only will you stay in the most amazing accommodation, there’s a good chance you might just set a golfing record of your own. Continue reading

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Golfing Superstitions Explained

Superstition is a very common in sports. Professional athletes have their own rituals before stepping onto the course, field or court. Examine sports across the world and you’ll quickly see players and teams engaging in rituals, designed to steady nerves and boost confidence.

When all’s said and done, athletes are judged on their successes and failures. Gaining that competitive edge is paramount. This is the reason why athletes the world over place significant emphasis on superstitions.

Perhaps the most famed golfing superstition is the one that Tiger Woods observes. Anyone that knows anything about golf will be aware that come the final round of any major or tournament Tiger Woods wears a red shirt. His reasoning is that his mother taught him that red is a power colour, giving Tiger that extra element of confidence on the day. Continue reading

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The Most Dangerous Golf Resort Hazards

Golf is a sport known as a gentleman’s game. Golf isn’t a game necessarily known for being a dangerous game. Indeed, compared with high impact sports, golf is surely one of the safest sports that can be played.

However, there are some courses in the world that don’t seem to adhere to that trend. If you’re looking for a thrill seeking round, these courses are sure to appeal. If you’re looking for a relaxing round, these courses may not suit you. Continue reading

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Basic Tips for Improving Your Golf Swing

There is no single leading factor that will exponentially improve your golf swing. However, teachers of the game recommend that those with a desire to improve their swing should learn and home the basics. Any professional or teacher will tell you that sometimes it’s the slight adjustments that can make all the difference. Continue reading

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The Best Rivalries in Golfing History

One of the most exciting aspects of any spectator sport is the watching rivalries play out in front of our eyes. Golf is no different. Throughout its history golf has played host to some of the most exciting rivalries of any sport. Here’s a look at five of the best. Continue reading

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