Club care skills you need to know

Most golfers are pretty passionate about their clubs. Okay, there might be the odd day when you feel like tossing your 5 iron straight into the water hazard but most rounds you’ll feel at one with the tools of your trade.

Look after your clubs, let them become a natural extension of your body and watch as your game improves. Lavish a little love on your golf equipment, treat it with due care and attention and never take those clubs for granted when you visit a golf resort, they’ll get you out of a hole in more ways than one.

Golf Safari SA has a range of exciting and stunning establishments for guests to enjoy, bring your clubs along and nurture them between games by treating them to these useful care tips.

Caring for clubsgolf-284633__180

  • Invest in a good bag
  • Wipe heads after use
  • Wipe grips and replace when worn
  • Use headcovers
  • Clean thoroughly at home

1. Buy a decent golf bag

Would you toss your clubs into any old bag prior to heading to a golf course? Think of the scandal when you arrive. The club president won’t be pleased. Neither will your playing partner. They’ll feel embarrassed to take to the course with you.

A good sized golf bag looks professional and it protects your clubs when you take to the course. Slide each club back into the bag after you have finished using it and you prevent it getting scratched.

2. Wipe heads

golf-439388__180Attach a golf towel to your bag and get into the habit of wiping your club head after every stroke. By keeping your club face clean you’ll ensure it makes good contact with the ball, a quick wipe between shots prevents dirt hardening on the club.

This is especially important if you are playing in rainy conditions. Keep the face clean to make a solid contact.

3. Clean grips

Give the shaft of the club a quick wipe after you clean the face of your club. Check for signs of damage when you clean the grips. If you see shiny areas or there are signs of excess wear it might be time to replace them with something new.

4. Use headcovers

Cover the heads of woods when you place them inside bags. Left uncovered they might clash with the irons in your bag and this could damage the surface area.

Place a cover over the head and this protects the club, keeping it in perfect condition.

5. Wash the clubs

Fill a bucket or plastic bowl with warm, soapy water and remove dirt from the club face using a soft brush. Towel dry the heads afterwards to leave them sparkling, then pop them back in your bag ready to use the next time you play a round of golf.

Why care for clubs is important golf-83871__180

  • Extend the life of your clubs
  • Prevent accidental damage
  • Keep equipment in prime condition
  • Get maximum trade-in/resale value
  • Take pride in golfing equipment

Use these care skills to keep your clubs pristine, if you fancy a break at a swanky golf resort contact us asGolf Safari SA for high class accommodation in a range of exclusive resorts.

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