Conservation at Kruger – a brief glimpse into why it’s so important

Since Kruger National Park first opened its gates in 1927 (a year when only three vehicles visited the park!) it’s been working hard in the name of conservation.  Nowadays nearly one million people visit the Park each year and conservation remains at the heart of everything they do.

Protecting South African animals is a massive part of the conservation work carried out at Kruger Park.  The Park is a safe haven where not only the big five but also 147 types of mammals, 49 fish, 114 reptiles, 34 amphibians and 507 species of birds are free from the risk of poaching and hunting.  This allows our beautiful wildlife to flourish and remain free from the risk of extinction.

Conservation is also all about protecting ecosystems.  Everything in nature exists for a reason and has a purpose, whether that’s a lion stalking its prey or a plant releasing oxygen.  Human activity can cause unnatural interference with ecosystems which can actually have a damaging effect on our environment.  That’s just one of the reasons parks like Kruger which help conserve ecosystems are so important.

Kruger National Park isn’t just about the animals.  It’s also home to a staggering array of plants, trees and shrubs (457 types of trees and shrubs to be precise!).  Conservation of all parts of nature is really important to protect our earth as it is today.  We don’t want to lose vegetation that’s indigenous to our beautiful country so parks like Kruger are vital for providing protected areas where these plants and trees can flourish.

Taking a visit to the Park not only lets you glimpse wildlife in its natural habitat but you’ll also get to see conservation in action and speak to experienced rangers who know exactly why it’s so important.  You can plan your own self-drive safari or book a guided tour.  There is so much to see you may want to plan a few return visits so you can really take in everything that this Park has to offer.

Kruger Park Lodge is the ideal base – you’re just 10km away from the nearest Park gate. Mix up your break by spending some of your days exploring Kruger National Park and other days perfecting your game on the golf course or simply relaxing by one of our swimming pools.

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