Five Top Tips to Shooting a Low Round

The game of golf is universally accepted as one of the hardest to master. Whether you have decades of experience or are a novice, there’s always room for improvement. We can’t all be Rory Mcilroy, but there are some basic tips that any golfer can employ to shoot a low score. If you want to outscore your friends, or merely improve your game in general have a read of top tips below.

Buy The Right Equipment

Unlike some other sports like football, the equipment used can make a drastic difference to the quality of your game. Today golfers are treated to a wealth of golfing brands, each with their own individual attributes. One brand may be more suited to your game than another. Just because your golfing idol uses Calloway clubs doesn’t mean that Calloway is the right brand for you.

It’s paramount that the clubs you use are comfortable. It’s advised to test different club lengths, grips, and shaft composition. This way you can identify the right clubs for you.

Use The Weather

The weather conditions throughout your round can have a drastic impact on your game. Adverse weather can hinder your chances of shooting a low round. However, if you learn how to play in different conditions, you can adapt your game. When the weather is rainy the ball will stop quicker. When the weather is windy it’s advised to hit the ball low to minimise the impact of the wind on the ball trajectory.

Pre-Shot Routine

One of the best ways to have a consistently low score is a dedication to practice and repetition. Having the same pre-shot routine that involves standing behind the ball and visualising the shot you want to make will encourage accurate play. The additional bonus of having a consistent pre-shot routine is that it gives the player an element of control when enduring a poor round.

Practice, Practice, and Practice Some More

As with all activities, the only way to get better is to practice. This is especially important when trying to improve your golf game. You’ll notice that before a major, and throughout the week of the tournament, the professionals practice all elements of their game. If it’s good enough for professionals then every golfer should practice at any opportunity.

Hone Your Putting

Did you know that as much of 40% of the shots in a round are putts? Any golfer that makes a commitment to improving their game needs to be a good putter. Learn how to analyse the undulations in the greens and practice your putting stroke so that it is one smooth, fluid motion. Once you’re an accomplished putter you’d be surprised just how many shots you could shave of your round.

By following these five simple tips you’ll enhance your game and enjoy each round of golf much more.

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