Four of the most common golfing mistakes

Mistakes are an important part of any support. You make them mid-game, regret them, and then learn from them. All the greats made mistakes. As do all the amateurs. The big difference is that the greats now avoid making the common mistakes week in week out.

Here’s our rundown of the most common errors and how to avoid them.

Exaggerating your twist

Some amateurs believe that the more you turn in your backswing, the more distance you can enjoy with your hit. This isn’t necessarily true. The key to gaining distance is to find the perfect posture so that your swing is fluid ensuring a solid hit on the ball. Twisting too much will cause you to fall out of your perfect posture and thus, won’t hit the ball as well.

Not cleaning your golf bag out

So you have a lucky golf bag. The one that always seems to be with you when you play the best round of golf you can play. That’s fine. Just make sure that you clean it out regularly. You don’t need five pairs of moth eaten gloves or the battered balls. Lighten your load!

Bad alignment

Today, longer-shafted drivers force the player to stand further back from the ball making good alignment tricky. One way to ensure that you’re aligning properly is to place guide clubs on the ground when you’re hitting balls on the range. Ask a friend to check hip and shoulder lines from behind too.

Getting mad when playing badly

Yes, it’s going to be frustrating playing badly. But if you let it affect you it’s going to negatively impact your game more and more. Try and stay calm. We all have our bad days out on the course, but if you carefully asses where you’re going wrong rather than just getting mad, your game will improve.

We promise.

There are thousands of tiny errors that we all make in golf. Some more severe than others. These are the most common that we’ve found, but if you know another common mistake and how to correct it, let us know!

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