Genuine (And Weird) Golfing Injuries

Golf is a great sport if you want to stay fit and take part in a fun activity throughout the year. Unfortunately, this can also be an injury prone sport without the right level of care and attention, play on a regular basis and injury prevention should be foremost in your mind.

Injuries can happen due to bizarre accidents, moments of madness from players, or simply through not warming up properly prior to a game.

These are just a few examples of the types of injuries that can happen out on the course, you have to read some of them to believe them.

Flying Clubs

Stray backswings account for more golfing injuries than you might imagine. Golfing partners can be struck by clubs that are either thrown in anger or dislodged by accident during a stroke. It’s crazy but it happens!

Ground Contact

Jarring sensations when clubs make excessive contact with the ground often lead to minor golfing injuries. As the club hits the ground the resulting force sends shockwaves through the body.

Wrist Injuries

Pro golfers are susceptible to a wide a variety of wrist injuries which is little surprise when you consider the mechanisms of the sport. Overusing the lead wrist leads to common problems with flexor and extensor tendons.

Shoulder Injuries

The shoulder region is highly active during a golf swing. Numerous muscles are used within the region as a player takes a swing and with frequent use this can lead to specific types of injures.

Elbow Injuries

Poor swing techniques are the primary cause of elbow injuries, and these are one of the most frequent types of golfing incidents.  Excessive swings or striking the club into the ground by accident can lead to this type of injury.

Lower Back Injuries

One of the most common complaints for golfers is the cursed lower back injury. Problems occur thanks to the motion of the golf swing, whilst injuries are also caused due to carrying heavy golf bags weighed down with metal clubs.

Experts advise a good warm up routine prior to playing golf to reduce the chance of sustaining a golfing injury. Plus if you concentrate on getting your technique right when you enjoy any of the courses we provide at Golf Safari SA, you’ll have a great time and be injury free.

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