Golf apps you need to download

Every golfer wants to improve their game, and all know that there are a few things they have to do  to enjoy a better  18 holes  – change your grip, alter your stance, improve your swing – but there is another way to assess and better your golf.

Using apps.

There are plenty out there, each providing something unique. Not all of them are good though. To help ensure that you’re making use of the best golf app, we’ve created a list of our favourites.

iPing Putting – Putting is a tricky part of the game, and if it’s one that you want to improve upon this is the app for you. It analysis your technique right before your eyes and offers advice on where you can improve. You put the cradle onto your putter shaft and then secure your phone into the cradle. Hit a few putts and then receive the immediate feedback you need to better your game.

GolfLogix GPS – These guys claim to be the No.1 golfing app. And you know what? We wouldn’t outright disagree. If you’re in need of a GPS app to help track yardage on your round then this is the FREE app for you. It has over 4,000 courses available and you don’t have to pay a thing.

My Pro To Go

Once upon a time only a select few of us were able to enjoy our very own swing gurus. But now we can all have our very own professional help. Film your swing from side and back, upload the video, and within 24 hours you’ll have frame-by-frame feedback from a certified instructor, drills to try, and a follow up session.

Doesn’t get better than that, does it?

Those are our favourite three golf apps that’ll help you better your game. But if you think we’ve missed a killer app off, let us know!

If you’ve downloaded these apps and want to put what you’ve learnt into practice then why not stop by one of our Golf Lodges and spend your wonderful holiday on the course.

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