Golf insurance – nuisance or necessity?

Watch out for fellow golfers!golf-game-450912__180

Think you’re safe and free from liability whenever you take to the golf course? That’s not necessarily true. Slice a shot and hit another player by accident and you might be liable for any injuries caused to the person.

This is no exaggeration. Golf claims against other parties are becoming increasingly common. Hit a poor shot out on the course and if your ball strikes another player you could be liable for any injuries this causes.

Accidents happen out on the course, you might feel like you have done nothing wrong but if somebody feels aggrieved and they sustain an injury caused by your actions they might sue you and the golf venue you are playing at.

Golf insurance claims on the rise

In one extreme case a player was awarded a substantial sum of money after losing an eye when a golf ball struck him in the face.

Anthony Phee is from the UK. He suffered a life-changing injury during a round of golf at Niddry Castle Golf Club, West Lothian, Scotland, after being hit in the eye by a tee shot. The eyeball exploded due to the force of the impact!     

Warnings were given.  The player who struck the ball, James Gordon, shouted ‘fore’ and Mr Phee ducked and put his hands up. Unfortunately this wasn’t enough to prevent the impact and subsequent injury.

My Phee lost his eye, he sued the player responsible and Niddry Castle Golf Club, with liability established at 70% for the former and 30% for the latter.

Slice a shot and it could cost you dearly

In total nearly £397,000 was awarded to Mr Phee to compensate for his injuries and suffering.

The money awarded was no doubt used to compensate for:

  • Initial traumagolf-171208__180
  • Medical treatment
  • Psychological impact
  • Partial loss of sight

Golf liability insurance would have covered the costs for the case, can you imagine having to find such a massive sum if you were found liable for a similar act?

It’s not too late to take out a golf policy

You never know when something similar might happen to you. Okay, this was a freakish accident but how can you be sure you’ll never slice a poor shot and hit another person on the course.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Whether you call us to book a room at the Kruger Park Lodge or play a round or two at your local course, the cost of annual golf insurance could protect you if you are liable for an injury claim.

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