Why golf is the sport of choice for many South Africans

Here at Golf Safari we love golf…and we’re certainly not alone. A Sports Marketing Survey estimates that a whopping half a million South Africans enjoy a regular tee off.  So what is it about golf that attracts so many people?

For a start, it’s a great form of exercise.  Many people (us included!) baulk at the thought of working out in a gym but the idea of a game of golf appeals to them.  An 18 hole golf course means plenty of light exercise including walking, lifting and of course swinging. Many golfers remark on their tired muscles the day after a game; showing that it’s stretched the body and given a good workout.

A game of golf is also a good way to enjoy the great outdoors. Breathing in fresh air, taking in the beautiful surroundings that border many courses and enjoying nice weather are all factors that make golf an attractive past-time for many.  You’ll also find that a game of golf is a social activity.  Whether golfers play with friends and family or meet new friends on the golf course, it’s fantastic for getting people out of the house socialising on a regular basis.  Some even see it as a great way of making business contacts and networking.

Golf can also be the ultimate stress buster.  Taking people away from the office and the stresses of everyday life, a game lets you switch off from your worries and concerns.  Instead you can simply focus on which club to use, how to execute your swing and what your next move will be. A welcome break from day to day stresses!

One of the reasons we love golf so much is that we’re actively learning a new skill whilst also having fun.  Perfecting your swing, improving your ability to judge distances and bringing your handicap down gives you something to aim towards and the feeling of playing a good game is a great confidence booster.  Many people choose to have professional golf lessons and pick up tips from their professional teacher.  It’s certainly a great starting point and gives you skills you can build upon during your own games.

So what are you waiting for?  Pick up your clubs and tee off without any delay!

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