Golf Trivia You Never Knew

Whether you’re a pro when it comes to golf or you’re just getting started, there are so many things to learn about the sport. Take a break away from perfecting your golfing skills to have a read of these weird and wonderful things you never knew about golf. Be sure to enjoy your next practice on one of our courses here at Golf Safari SA.




  1. Many golf courses in Scotland are pretty big but when it comes to the world’s biggest green, Massachusetts wins first prize.  The International Golf Club in Massachusetts measures a record 695 yards, 5th hole.


  1. The biggest golfing resort though goes to the Mission Hills Resort in China. Although it’s not the longest course, nor the world’s largest green or deepest bunker, it does offer twelve golf courses. On top of all of this there are a number of five star hotels and endless leisure activities for those travelling golfers to indulge in and enjoy.


  1. On the 17th hole of the Stadium Course at Florida’s Sawgrass it has been recorded that a grand total of around 125,000 golf balls are hit into the water each year! However, the biggest water hazard to golf comes with the Pacific Ocean which affects a number of courses, from the USA to New Zealand and Australia.


  1. Despite the fact that lots of humour (and outrage) has arisen surrounding the name of golf itself, it is becoming more popular amongst women. Although it still remains a largely male-dominated sport, the idea of the word ‘golf’ being an acronym for ‘Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden’ is completely false. The golfing population is now made up of well over 20% women, and closing the age gaps amongst players.


  1. Whilst balls travel significantly further on hot days, it is also true that altitude helps balls travel, thanks to the decreased resistance that comes from thinner air. The highest golf course is the Tactu Gold Club in Morococha, Peru. At a head-spinning 14,335 feet above sea level at its lowest point, this is not a course to brave if you have a fear of heights!


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