Have You Ever Tried Night Golf?

Golf is one of the most popular sports, reaching four continents and all corners of the world.  Thanks to professionals like Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus, the sport has become a beloved pastime. Traditionally, golf has been a sport solely played in the daylight. Today this has changed. There are the courses across the world actively allow players to play a round of golf in the twilight.

The popularity of night golf has seen an entire industry prosper almost overnight. Today a great number of courses or resorts accommodate those wishing to take an unconventional approach to the time that they choose to play a round.

When played at night golf requires differing equipment than the daytime. From golf carts with headlamps to flag poles that glow in the dark, and balls of unique colours to stand out against the night sky, there are specific, unique equipment and course facilities are needed to play a night round.

Have you considered how a glow in the dark golf ball is able to be visible in the twilight hours? It’s actually very simple. Brands ensure that a small slot is included inside the design of the ball which then has a small glow stick inserted inside. The exterior of the balls still feature the standard dimple pattern and are the same size as a standard golf ball. The only difference is the addition of a glow stick to illuminate the golf ball.

The standard golf ball, complete with small glow stick, will need to be replaced after consistent use. Depending on the ball, most will need to be replaced after around seven hours. The good news is that they are very cheap, and most leading golf shops should stock these glow lights. If not they can be found online.

Golf courses are floodlit. This allows players to see the fairway, greens and hazards as they make their way round the course. The course obviously won’t be as visible as it is at the height of the summer months at midday, but it should offer adequate lighting to enjoy a round.

Those that haven’t tried a round of golf in the twilight are missing an experience. If you’re yet to play a round, why not have a quick search online for your local course that offers night golf.

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