Mossel Bay Water Quality

Recent tests conducted on the Mossel Bay Water Quality indicated that the Mossel Bay Municipality is still maintaining exceptional standards. The tests formed part of the Department Of Water Affairs’ Blue Drop evaluation for 2014. Three of Mossel Bay’s largest purification plants passed all 3 tests with a score of 100%. The tests that were performed included: physical, chemical and microbiological.

The excellent results for the Mossel Bay Water Quality were achieved despite the additional complications faced by the Cape Brown Mountain Water. This water turns brown in colour from to the organic material contained in the mountain streams. This is purely a discoloration of the water and does not affect the quality of the water. Due to the public skepticism of the discoloured water, the Mossel Bay Municipality removes the colour.

We can therefore recommend that guests drink the tap water at our golf lodge in Pinnacle Point. There is no need to filter this or purchase bottled water.

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