How To Play Golf In Bad Weather

Even the best golfers can find it tricky to keep up their high performance standards when playing in bad weather. Dealing with all sorts of weather extremes is part of the fun and challenge of golf though! Being prepared for sudden changes in the weather is essential so that your game isn’t ruined. At Golf Safari SA we encourage golfers to tackle bad weather, believing that it makes you a better golfer.



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Always get in the habit of checking the weather forecast for rain before you go golfing. Playing in the rain requires a rain suit which can largely interrupt your normal swinging skill due to being restrictive. If you want to learn to play well in rainy conditions, try practising wearing a rain suit even when it’s not raining. Golf umbrellas and gloves are a must to keep you, and most importantly your hands, dry. Also think about how the wet grass will change the ball’s reaction, striking putts more firmly.



Many golfers would say that high winds are one of the hardest weather conditions to play in. Wind requires you to recalculate your swing completely. Due to the unpredictable nature of wind it is extremely difficult to estimate the strength of force needed behind your club. Sudden gusts of wind or crosswinds can encourage mistakes with the ball being blown way off target. Very extreme winds also make it hard to maintain balance and poise before and whilst taking your swing.



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The cold golfer will find it harder to stay focused and gain a true connection to the golf club before each swing. Keeping your hands warm is important as these are the driving force of the entire game. Being wrapped up in cold weather will prevent any failures, although it is recommended that you wear sensible clothing that doesn’t restrict your swing. Too many layers can hinder your performance.


Excessive Heat

Playing on warmer days can be really beneficial to the golfer because it loosens muscles up quicker, making for a more flexible body and wider swing arc. However, when temperatures soar to uncomfortable heights, the heat can have negative impacts. Plan ahead by taking extra drinking water to avoid dehydration from sweating. Serious conditions may even result in light-headedness, heat exhaustion or even heatstroke. Play should be suspended if heat becomes unbearable.


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