Rhino Poaching in Kruger Park

Last year around 443 rhinos were often brutally killed in South Africa by poachers, an alarming figure and also substantially higher than the 333 shot in 2010. This significant increase would indicate that the measures implemented by authorities are not sufficient.

There has already been a sad start to the year, when eight dehorned rhino carcasses were found in the Kruger National Park. According to SA National Parks (SANParks) spokesman Reynold Thakhuli, two suspected poachers from Mozambique were fatally wounded in a confrontation between the anti-poaching unit and the suspected poachers.

Clearly if these magnificent animals (as well as other endangered species) are to be preserved, more drastic measures need to be put in place, perhaps the army should be mobilised to protect our wildlife. The loss of wildlife will have a huge impact on tourism in the long run and a downturn will result in further unemployment which will lead to even more poaching, a scary prospect indeed, unless goverment can be pro-active about the crisis we currently have.

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