Skills to master as a golfer

Golfing is one of the best sports in the world. It’s also one of the most frustrating challenges to overcome. Hone a few skills though and it won’t be long until you are driving and putting with the best, become a pro and perfect your skills in these areas.


You’re nothing without a decent swing as a golfer. Face facts, you’ll get nowhere with a dud swing. Professional players spend hours perfecting their swing, they research skills, take expert tuition and devote hours at a time trying to perfect the swing. Nail the swing and your play will be more consistent.


Learn how to regulate your pitch and you’ll master the art of distance control. Getting your pitch perfect is another skill to overcome. It’s a talent you can learn to tame over a period of time.


Putting needs practice as well. You might hit the perfect drive, drop the ball on the green in one dream shot, then proceed to ruin your changes of an albatross by messing up the putt. Spend time working on your putting routine if this is your weak area. Start putting like a pro.


By rights, chip shots should be simple. In reality they are anything but. It’s a vital shot to master though, you’ll need this to chip your way onto the green, get it right and it’ll give you the greatest sense of satisfaction.  Done right and the ball should float though the air effortlessly after a crisp connection.


A number of core skills are essential when you play golf and self-belief is probably one of the strongest areas you can work on. There’s no point pulling your trolley around a course if you don’t believe you are going to have a good game, that’s defeatist and it’ll put you in a negative mindset.

Believe in your skills as a golfer, practice as much as you can and gain confidence as your game improves.

Have belief in yourself when you visit Kruger Park Lodge, Pinnacle Point or Pearl Valley and you’ll have the game of your life!

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