Spring Showers: What To Pack For Playing Golf In The Rain

As a golfer you will become used to playing in all different kinds of weather. From rain to shine, part of the pain and fun of golf is the unpredictable nature of the weather. It is important not to let the weather dampen your spirits though. With the spring showers creeping in around the globe, at Golf Safari SA we’ve come up with some handy tips to make sure you still play at your best.


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Pack the right umbrella

Unless you’re one of the pros who have the luxury of a caddy to keep them dry in the rain, you’re likely to need to think about your own rain supplies. Pack a sensible, durable, and most importantly, waterproof umbrella. There are many good designs being introduced specifically for golf purposes now.


It’s worth considering an electronic or push trolley with an umbrella holder fitted into it. This will spare you the hassle of carrying an umbrella, finding somewhere to put it between shots and trying to stop it blowing away! These setups are perfect for keeping you dry as you take your shot and can even double up as a hanging frame for towels and gloves in the spokes of the umbrella.


Put some gloves on

It can be tricky to keep a strong grip on the club when it’s wet. Look into buying some specialised gloves that grip better in spite of wet weather. It is good practice to take your gloves off between shots. Hang them on the spokes on the underside of your umbrella if possible (as previously suggested). This can help to dry out the gloves even if just a little bit. Pack several pairs of spare gloves in a plastic bag at the bottom of your golf bag too as backups.


Close the hood

Most golf bags come with a hood attachment which is designed to keep rain off of your clubs. Make use of this at all times to prevent the clubs being exposed and the grips getting wet. Even if there is just the slightest chance of wet weather, keep the hood closed. Wet grips on the clubs will make it a lot harder to play and maintain a good swing.


Roll up a towel

Pack a large towel in your bag too to soak up any excess water from your clubs, gloves or other belongings. A typical golf-sized towel is likely to be completely damp after just a couple of holes. If you can, double up and pack extra. Hang the towel on the inside of your umbrella to help keep it as dry as possible so that it can be used most efficiently.


Shop for waterproof clothing

It’s not hard to find waterproof clothing in stores. Buy yourself a good quality rain coat or waterproof jacket. Sensible waterproof trousers and footwear are also a must. With the right clothing you should be able to withstand the rain a lot easier and keep warmer. Wearing a hat can help to keep the rain out of your eyes as well, to make that shot matter.


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