The golf gadgets you need

We’ve looked at the apps that can improve you game, but what about the gadgets that are on the market? There are plenty of them, but which ones are actually helpful?

Here we’re going to show you the golf gadgets that will help your game, rather than hinder it.

Bushnell Tour v3

This is a range finder that uses a feature called JOLT. When you lock onto the flag the gadget emits a soft vibration and then it uses a laser to pinpoint the exact distance through the viewfinder. The company say that it’s accurate to within one meter. Perfect for gauging how far you need to put on the green.


We covered apps for golf in a previous blog, but this one comes under both an app and a gadget. Golfsense is a gadget you attach to your glove and link up to your smartphone. When you swing, you’ll be able to view a 3D rendering that will help you spot poor positioning or bad tempo.

Swing Perfect

This gadget does just as you’d imagine – helps you perfect your swing! It measures your swing in real-time and doesn’t use an app, so you won’t have to grab your phone out your pocket to see how you did. A gyroscope sensor in the gadget monitors you and vibrates when you turn a club or break the plane.

Neo-X Rangefinder Watch

We like gadgets that require little work. The watch for example. So a golf orientated watch is the perfect course companion. This watch will help you check distances making your decision on the next club you pick out easier. It’s said to last 16 hours per charge too; plenty of time for an 18 holer and a drink after the game.

Now we’ve given you the apps to download and the gadgets to buy, there aren’t any excuses for a poor swing. If you’ve found a gadget that has helped your game significantly, let us know what it is. We’d love to share it.

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