The Most Dangerous Golf Resort Hazards

Golf is a sport known as a gentleman’s game. Golf isn’t a game necessarily known for being a dangerous game. Indeed, compared with high impact sports, golf is surely one of the safest sports that can be played.

However, there are some courses in the world that don’t seem to adhere to that trend. If you’re looking for a thrill seeking round, these courses are sure to appeal. If you’re looking for a relaxing round, these courses may not suit you.

Merapi Golf Club, Indonesia

The Merapi Golf Club in Indonesia is one of the most active volcanoes. There hasn’t been a documented eruption since 2010, however smoke plumes from the mountain top for three hundred days a year. At the base of the mountain is a mountain. Whereas this may make for spectacular scenery, it doesn’t necessarily make for a good round of golf.

Lost City Golf Course, Sun City South Africa

Surrounded by the wilds of Africa, the desert-style resort of Lost City Golf Course is home to numerous animals that you wouldn’t find on other courses across the continent. These animals can become a hazard when completing a round. The 13th hole is home to crocodiles, those completing a round will be aware of the reptiles all around you.

Legends Gold and Safari, South Africa

Upon appearance this golf course doesn’t appear to be overly different and difficult compared to other courses in the world. However, once you complete the round players have a challenge completely unique to the course. The course has a 19th hole – the highest par 3 in the world. The tee is reachable only by helicopter with the hole being located 400 metres below the cliff. This is surely an experience that every golfer should have – if they dare.

Camp Bonifas, South Korea

Located a mere 200 feet from the border of the Korean demilitarised zone, Camp Bonifas is surrounded by three minefields. The course has just three holes but given the nature of its location, it provides an experience that’s sure to provide as much excitement as a full 18 holes would.

These are just four examples of the most dangerous golf courses the world has to offer. If you’ve designs on getting that rush of adrenaline whilst enjoying a round, any of these four courses are sure to cater to your desires.

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