The Wackiest World Golfing Records

Play any sports and it’s nice to break a record if you can. Whether it’s the most goals scored during a soccer match, or the heaviest carp fish caught under competition conditions, if you are passionate about individual sports, you’ll want to beat your fellow competitors.

Golf is no difference. Spend time at any of our premier resorts and not only will you stay in the most amazing accommodation, there’s a good chance you might just set a golfing record of your own.

To give you some idea of the current golfing records that have been set recently, we list the best straight from the Guinness Book of Records.

Most Golf Balls Hit Over 300 Yards in One Hour

If you had an hour to hit as many golf balls as possible over 300 yards how many successes would you have? Hit over 448 over this distance within the time allocated and you’ll be a new record holder!

Biggest Golf Tee

How large is the tee you use to drive off the range? Bet it’s nowhere near as big as the 30ft 9 inch long example that currently holds the record for the largest golf tee. This monster has a head diameter of 6ft 3 inches and a shaft width of 2ft 1 inch for good measure. Imagine the size of the golf ball this would support!

Most Birdies in 12 Hours

On an average course how many golf birdies do you think you could achieve in 12 hours or so? 93 is the current record, set on 17th March 2015. Why not try to break this feat the next time you pay a visit to your favourite golfing spot?

Fastest Golf Cart

Golf Carts might save your legs getting tired on larger golfing courses but you can’t exactly describe them as being quick. Get behind the wheel of the ‘Bandit’ buggy though and this could be one of the fastest rounds of golf you complete. This tyre-shredding cart achieved a speed of 191.12 km/h at the Darlington Dragway in South Carolina, USA. If you’re in a hurry to complete the course, it’s the mode of transport to choose.

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