Our top tips for a great golf holiday

If you’re a golf fanatic then what could be better than a holiday away with friends doing nothing but playing it? Golfing holidays are hugely popular and you can enjoy one pretty much anywhere in the world now.

If you’re jetting off on a golfing holiday for the first time then we’ve put together a few tips to make sure it’s problem free.

Leave your clubs at home – Sure, you’ve spent a lot of money putting together your favourite set of clubs. But taking them on holiday is going to cost you a lot more money. Leave them at home. Chances are, the place you’re headed will have clubs you can rent that are just as good. Plus, imagine if the airline lost your beloved set en route!

If you can’t go without your own clubs then make sure you purchase a good flight bag. You don’t want the clubs to be damaged on the way

Weather – You don’t want to spend your golfing holiday having to force your way through strong winds and rainy days. So consider the place you’re going and the weather pattern there. Ideally, you’ll head over there in the glorious sunshine.

Book early – The most important part of your golfing holiday is the golf, so book early to ensure that you can get on the course at a time that suits you best. If you book at the last minute you’ll find all the best times taken and you’ll have to settle for the slots that are left.

Know the rules – Many golf courses have varying rules and regulations. So before you arrive make sure you know those rules and regulations and that you follow them. You don’t want to be turned away from a course on day one because you didn’t know the rules.

Relax – Lastly, remember why you’re there; to relax. So don’t get worked up about not being able to take your clubs, or that it’s cloudy the day you’re meant to hit the links. Just enjoy yourself and make it a holiday to remember!

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