What To Wear When You Go Golfing

Many major or privately-owned golfing resorts and retreats expect ‘proper golf attire’ from all players. Even if you plan to go somewhere a bit more relaxed, wearing the right clothing plays a big part in your performance and your general golfing mindset. At Gold Safari SA we’re here to help you prepare so that when you come to stay at our luxury golf estates you feel like a pro.



Top Half

During warmer weather, both men and women should avoid wearing t-shirts or sleeveless tops. Collared poloshirts or turtlenecks are more appropriate. Women can wear a collared blouse or shirt, and tank tops are only allowed by women if they too are collared. Showing your midriff or covering your arms by a longsleeved shirt are considered to be big no-nos by golfing pros.


When it’s a bit breezier, simple crewneck sweaters are fine for golfers. Just remember to keep your shirt and collar tucked in to stay looking smart! The clothing on your top half should be fitted so that you do not obstruct your swing. If your shirt or sleeves are too lose this can prevent you from playing well.


Bottom Half

Shorts are perfectly acceptable for men but keep them at the right length, just above the knee. Too long shorts will look sloppy and if your shorts are too short it can look unprofessional. When it comes to trousers though, jeans and sweatpants are normally frowned upon. Khakis or slacks are the pick of choice instead for many men.


Women have more choices for the bottom half of their golfing attire. As well as being able to wear slacks and shorts like men, they can also wear skirts, skorts, or capris. Be cautious with your skirt though so that it is not too short but covers you sensibly when you bend to swing or putt.




 Most golf courses don’t require you to wear actual golfing shoes so you won’t have to spend more money on a new pair of shoes. General trainers or other athletic footwear are accepted. As long as your shoes have a good grip and are for the outdoors they will be suitable. Wearing long socks when golfing can be something of a fashion disaster so keep them at trainer level and plain in colour.



The real fun of dressing for golf comes with the colour and pattern potentials! Stripes and checks are big amongst golf fans so be bold and step outside your usual fashion comfort zone. Golf courses are one of the few places that allow bright colours and clashing patterns when it comes to your clothing. Alternatively you could always opt for a simple top to match bold-coloured trousers and vice versa.


Find out more about our luxury golf resorts at Gold Safari SA by having a look on our website. For any queries or booking information, please get in touch. Check out the rest of our blogs for more golfing tips and tricks, as well as things to do during your stay here in South Africa.

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