What to consider before booking your golf holiday


A golf break is a perfect way to embrace the sport you love as well as experience some of the most stunning and desirable golf courses that the world has to offer. But before you think about booking your golf holiday, there are a few things for you to consider…

The type of holiday you want

First things first, what kind of golf break are you looking for? There are vast differences between family holidays, romantic getaways and corporate breaks, and it’s better not to get these mixed up.

Luckily for you, our luxurious range of golf accommodation across South Africa offer chalets and villas suitable for a wide range of occasions. Each of our self-catered golf accommodation options are found in some of South Africa’s most exclusive resorts and provide more than just a fantastic place to play golf.

Who you are going with

Next up – who will go with? We’ve already said that there can be a huge difference in a holiday where you’re accompanied by your work colleagues than one where you’re with your loved one or the entire family.

If you’re looking at booking a golf holiday, we’re sure that golf will be a priority for you; it’s a chance to get away from your local golf club and experience something spectacular, whether that’s abroad for you or just an extraordinary resort.

Although, we also know that even the keenest of golfers, or their friends and families, don’t want to partake in the game at every waking hour of the day. By choosing the appropriate golf break accommodation, you should be promised more than just premium golf greens. There should be something else for you and your party to enjoy in or around the resort.

For example, our chalets and villas are located near the Kruger National Park in Mpumalanga, in the Winelands near Cape Town, and another in the Garden Route of Western Cape; renowned places that host an abundance of enjoyable activity and stunning sights to be enjoyed by any kind of party.

The ideal location for you

This is where research is key. You want to choose wisely so that your golf breaks suits the above points: what you’re going for and who you’re going with. By doing thorough research, you can ensure that the resort or accommodation you choose is suited to you and your requirements.

Don’t just run off pictures that you’ve seen in a magazine, holiday brochure or online – you need to do a bit more than that to really get the golf holiday of your dreams. Dig deeper than the images the resorts use; read all the information and reviews you can about them; why not get in touch with an expert or someone that’s been there before?

Every resort can offer you and your party something a little different – it’s just figuring out what suits you best. For example, our Kruger Park Lodge is perfect for wildlife lovers; only 10km from the nearest entrance gate of Kruger National Park and its very own hippo hide. Our Pinnacle Point accommodation is the ideal choice for a relaxing getaway, with picturesque coastal views as well as a luxury spa facility to enjoy.

When to book

When it comes to golf, you want to play in the best conditions to get your game quality as high as possible. That’s why you want to do some research into when you want to book your golf break for, particularly if you’re heading abroad for the occasion.

One of the many reasons that South Africa is a popular choice for golf enthusiasts is its climate. Considered to be the ideal climate for play throughout the year, golfers can avoid the extremities of weather that so many other countries see.

Down to the popularity of golf resorts in certain countries and in certain seasons, you may find that your ideal location is fully booked up by the time you get round to booking. One way to get around that dilemma is to book early!

Get fit for it

A good way to make the most of your planned golf holiday is to get fit for it – that way, you can enjoy the sport to the max. Being fit is essential for playing a good game of golf; by improving your fitness, you’ll see an improvement in your game skills too.

Golf requires effort from muscles all over your body, so the all-encompassing exercises you want to look at doing are ones that will increase your strength and improve your flexibility, focusing predominantly on the movement of your hips, back and shoulders.

A good mixture of cardio, weight and flexibility training should do the trick to get your stamina up for those long days of golf, as well as to get that swing perfected.

Now all of those are out of the way, you’ve only got the packing left to think about…

Get in touch

If you would like to hear more about our luxury golf accommodations in South Africa, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – one of our friendly consultants will be more than happy to help.

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